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What is worm gear speed reducer?

Worm gear speed reduceris a power transmission mechanism, gear speed converter, the deceleration of the number of revolutions of the motor (motor) to be the number of rotations, and greater torque institutions. Institutions currently used for transmission of power and movement, the the reducer a wide range of applications.
worm gear speed reducer must be installed securely installed on the machine, not loose phenomenon. This process must be sure that the correct reducer steering, before you can install the operating intermittently. Reducer can not place too long, more than three to six months, while the oil seal and no then dip in the lubricant recommended reducer user to replace the oil seal. Follow reducer Code, standard working environment temperature is -5 degrees to 10 degrees, if it exceeds the rated value, please contact the manufacturer. The Reducer usually matching with the the deceleration motor or motor, so must be equipped with ventilation device to improve the heat dissipation work and maintain the normal operation. When installed, you must first check the oil level, not to immediately load to its highest, it is recommended to gradually increase, it is recommended to install protective devices surrounding the worm reducer.


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Trapped OBD policy

models Background: On May 27 this year, a new generation of waves Di of the Changhe Suzuki sales in the country listed, it is a the Changhe introduced this year after following Liana strategic models. In the beginning of BMW Scanner the listing, Changhe Suzuki once launched nine new models, including two drive and four-wheel drive, including the price range from 45,900 yuan to 69,900 yuan. The car is so far the only small MPV with automatic transmission and full-time four-wheel-drive system technology. However, the car since the market lukewarm market response. Models dealers have been out Wellon VP 280 of stock, including both priced at 45,900 yuan practical, but also including more than 60,000 yuan luxury and. super luxury. Consumers in Beijing since last week to really feel the car after is because the the OBD reason has not been sold in the Beijing market. The dealers say orders too little air in North China consumers Changhe Suzuki stuck in the Big Dipper above the waves Di listing, has been as high with the luxury and super luxury Carsoft Compatible Interface not to be optimistic about the orders rarely. At the same BMW Carsoft 6.5 time, manufacturers do not want to put more focus on low with practical, has led to a high and one low stock. In Beijing, in fact, only the standard type in the sale of high with four-wheel-drive standard because of high prices also does not appear. Expected time to market: in October (the B11 version)

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German solar energy industry is accelerating decline

Global structure of the solar energy industry is undergoing drastic changes, by the reduction of state subsidies, the Chinese enterprises to increase their competitiveness and a decrease in domestic investment and other factors, the German solar energy industry in a global market share dropped from 20.5 percent in 2007 to 6.7% in 2011. Q-Cells and Solarworld solar lighting Germany, the worlds top ten enterprises have to exit the list, the industry as a whole is accelerating the decline. The structure of the global solar industry is undergoing drastic changes by the reduction of state subsidies, the Chinese enterprises to increase their competitiveness and a decrease in domestic investment and other factors, the German solar energy industry is a global market share dropped from 20.5 percent in 2007 to 2011 of 6.7%, Q- Cells and Solarworld Germany, the worlds top ten enterprises have to exit the list, the industry as a whole is accelerating the decline. Reported that the accelerated decline of the German solar industry factors include: First, the German government to cut subsidies for solar energy industry continue to plan to 2017 completely terminated; a long time, the large German enterprises lack the strategic focus on the solar industry the average ratio of investment accounted for R & D spending was only 2.7%, much lower than the automobile industry (6%) and high-tech electronics (7%); Third, the increasing pressure of competition from Chinese companies, the average solar modules The price is 15% lower than Germany, 2011 German newly installed solar installations only 15% of national manufacturing; four German unfavorable natural conditions, the average annual sunshine time 1300-1900 hours, the effective utilization rate is only about 20%. Source: Ministry of Commerce Website

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high-quality microphone amplifier MAX9814

Maxim Integrated Products introduced the MAX9814 low-cost, high-quality microphone amplifier, built-in automatic gain control (AGC) and low-noise microphone bias. The integrated AGC circuitry allows designers defined to maintain and release TDA5211T times, as well as the output threshold level. Before digital processing to optimize the signal level, can guarantee the low noise of the signal, eliminating the need for further amplification or attenuation. Can then be of the high-quality audio signals in the digital domain lossless conversion ADS7845E and processing, thus maintaining the sound quality of the original signal. The device integrates a low noise preamplifier, variable gain amplifier UAA3201T (VGA), output amplifier and internal low-noise microphone bias generator, and further improve the audio performance, can be used to drive the vast majority of condenser microphones. The MAX9814 is ideal for digital cameras, camcorders, Bluetooth and wired headsets, VoIP phones, and conference call. The MAX9814 is specified over the -40 ℃ to +85 ° C extended temperature range, CLC014AJE space-saving, 1.5mm x 2mm, 12-bump UCSP and 3mm x 3mm, 14-pin TDFN package. The device evaluation kit is available to speed up the design process. Prices start at $ 0.59 (10,000-up, FOB USA). Source: Electronic Engineering Times

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Humans with robots in 2050 married

As artificial intelligence technology and microelectronics, life sciences and other disciplines are becoming increasingly close, create human robots are also more and more like people. According to the U.S. "Life Science magazine Web site reported on 14 August, the University of Reading, UK research team developed a robot controlled by rat brain tissue," Gordon, this is the world's first living brain tissue from the (not computer) control robots. The researchers said the finding helps to uncover the mystery of the human brain memory, will help find a cure for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease neurodegenerative disease.

Create the first robot able to self-

Today, robots becoming human "right-hand man: courage on the battlefield fighting robot, help fight forest fires, fire-fighting robots, and robots tireless logging, introduction of robots and even some trendy hotel waiter. Others boldly predicted that by 2050 humans and robots to get married.

In some science fiction and film, the robot and human intelligence almost match. Can even fall in love, affection, friendship. Starring Hollywood star Will Smith's "I, Robot", the robot almost to rule the world. But now, the robot just repeat the action of human pre-set the machine only. This is why? Because the robot to grasp all the knowledge of human input in advance, the robot can self-study, will not have the flexibility bridesmaid dresses like humans.

But the British scientists have developed the "Gordon has done: it relies on the scientists implanted a" biological brain to achieve a "self-study, many researchers have mastered the moves without the prior design. Gordon is actually a semi-mechanical biological half- hybrid robot, at first glance like the Disney movie "electronic wall" of the hero and it is actually a brain added 300,000 nerve cells enclosed media researchers removed from the mouse embryo-specific nerve cells, After the separation and enzyme wash, put it into nutrient-rich medium, the medium was placed in both length and width of 8 cm from the 60 electrodes of the multi-electrode array (MEA) on.

This "multi-electrode array can be a linking role between living tissue and machine, the brain send electrical pulses to drive the wheels of the robot, and receives on the surrounding environment sensor response pulses in addition to outside the biological brain , micro-computer is not installed on the machine and other control devices, because the brain is living tissue, it must be placed within a special temperature control device via the Bluetooth radio ? ? connect it with the "body communication. Whenever the robot close to the target, it would discount bridesmaid dresses obviously be to stimulate the brain to stop the advance, and choose a direction at an angle with the original direction to move on.

The research team leader, one of the architects Gordon, University of Reading Professor Kevin Warwick, systems engineering, said, to some extent, Gordon for the first time a robot's ability to learn. It's the brain and the brain are not very different common organism, after the start of exercise testing, neural network began to test each other and establish a network to transmit information. Hit the wall, it will receive electrical stimulation from the sensor. And then encountered a similar situation, it will remember, to prevent "hit a brick wall does not go back to happen." Our concern now is how best to teach it some of the behavior. Warwick said.

Uncover the mystery of human memory to help

Raising the level of human life to human life expectancy is increasing, but some human neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, the elderly head hanging like a sword, threatening the elderly health. And some from the car accident, head impact caused by amnesia, is no age boundaries. Lack of sleep, work overload-induced memory loss are also common. If you can explain the mechanism of the human brain's memory, the memory of the mystery will be solved from this, many people will bring the gospel.

Despite the modern three-dimensional imaging techniques such as positron tomography (PEP), magnetic resonance imaging technique (MRI) help, but the brain is too complex central nervous system, human memory has been unable to find the "road map. Gordon appeared to the scientists hope that this is the University of Reading researchers developed the original intention of Gordon Gordon is actually the scientists to create a miniature version of the brain, in addition to some of the responsible for vision, hearing, smell and other functional areas, The role of memory can make the process more easily apparent.

Current scientific knowledge of the mechanisms of memory is still in the hypothesis stage, if a person made the main storage memory in the brain tissue of the hippocampus, while cheap homecoming dresses others believe that memory is not confined to a particular brain structures, but scattered throughout the brain Department. In any case, the memory information processing mainly by nerve signals, and the transmission of nerve signals are also dependent on micro-current (formed by ion-exchange current) in the nerve fibers, nerve cell communication. Gordon opened the researchers hope that through the mystery of memory, that is, with this principle. Study is to obtain new information during neural activity, and memory is the information obtained is to save and read out the process of neural activity. Gordon Learning Processes in the brain of every move, scientists have been recorded in detail. It started in the role of memory mechanisms, the researchers measured the size of micro-current, we can identify areas in play memory function.

Warwick believes that although humans can not help Gordon immediately knocked the door with high expectations memory, but human beings can "simplify the study of the brain in this way the mysteries of memory of human to have a few options to cultivate interest in brain Ministry of regional cells, which studies the role of some brain regions known very effective rat brain by about 1 million nerve cells, the human brain contains about 100 billion nerve cells. Warwick speculate on the mouse and human intelligence differences, should go to a different number instead of a different nature became Gordon's brain is only 300,000 neurons, and "simplified version of the human brain to at least tens of billions of billions of nerve cells, thus making the current technology is not enough the human brain robot.

Robots can really become the next person

Gordon the robot represents the emergence of another trend - biological robots. Use of biological control technology development of biological robots began in the 1990s, electronic information technology, micro-manufacturing technology and biological science with a high degree of mutual integration of product development, technology development is currently one of the most active areas

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